Where To Buy A Pedal Boat: 9 Places That Actually Stock Them

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My wife and I hemmed and hawed for several months about buying a pedal boat. We were young (with two young kids) and money was tight we weren’t totally sure if that was the best use of of “extra” budget.

We thought that choosing the best pedal boat and actually forking over the money would be the hard part.

We were wrong.

A couple of days after we decided to finally go for it and get a pedal boat we were pretty much ready to throw our money at anyone who actually had a pedal boat in stock.

Who would have thought that figuring out where to buy a pedal boat would be the hard part? There were a dozen places we found that “stocked them” but they were already sold out, it was the wrong season, etc.

Long story short, we finally made a list of places that routinely have pedal boats in stock. We’ve expanded and updated this list several times but, don’t bother emailing us if one of these isn’t in stock. They come in and out of stock regularly so, if one isn’t available just move on to the next source.

With any luck, you’ll strike gold!

9 Places To Buy A Pedal Boat

In general, the best place to buy a pedal boat is a local sporting-goods or boating store. This allows you to avoid shipping (and possible damage) and gives you access to customer support. If you prefer to buy online, pedal boats are stocked on Amazon, Walmart, and several online outdoor retail shops.

So, before you start driving around, here are some places you can check to see what their stock numbers are like:

1. Amazon

2. Walmart

3. Tractor Supply Co.

4. Bass Pro Shop

5. Cabela’s

6. Scheels

7. Dicks Sporting Goods

8. DirectBoats

9. eBay

You can also check the manufactures sites to find authorized deals both local and online:

Buying A Pedal Boat Online vs In Person

Here’s a secret, every person who tells you to buy a pedal boat online does so because they get an affiliate commission for it.

While my wife and I are all about trying to make money from our little blog journey, I have to tell the truth…

If you can go to a local store and buy a pedal boat, do it. Once you’ve figured out where to buy a pedal boat locally, go there. There are a couple of major problems with buying a pedal boat online:

  • They get damaged in transit. Pedal boats are typically shipped with minimal packaging and almost always arrive damaged, typically in a way that leaves them in need of repair before use. If you want to return it, it’s not like you can just drop it in the mail. You’ll have to pack it up and set up an appointment with a freight company.
  • There are scalpers. If you’ve to buy a pedal boat on amazon, you probably noted that they are only available from 3rd party sellers at nearly twice the MSRP. These are typically people who found them in stock locally and are willing to have them shipped to you if you’re foolish enough to pay their exorbitant price.
  • You don’t get to talk to anyone. What if you have questions about your pedal boat? What if you need some help getting the right tie-downs? You might get lucky and find someone online that will respond to your messages but your chances are much better if you’re dealing with a real person who physically handles the pedal boat that they have in stock.
  • If you have an issue late, who do you follow up with? The main pedal boat manufacturers (Sun Dolphin and Pelican) don’t sell their pedal boats directly. But you have to register directly for your warranty to take effect. So who are you buying from? Are they an official dealer? Do they offer customer support, returns, or pedal boat replacement parts? Buying a pedal boat locally removes the uncertainty.

Buying A Used Pedal Boat

If you can’t find anywhere to buy a pedal boat, used items are always in stock!

A used pedal boat can be a great deal if you know what to look for. So, if you’re going to be looking at the used market, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Don’t overpay. It’s not unusual to find a boat that retails for $600 being sold by someone that wants $600 (or up to $1,000) for it. This is typically because they checked on Amazon, saw them on sale for $1,500, and think that theirs is worth something similar. Don’t give in to their games.
  • You can do small repairs. If the boat needs a small patch or a couple of small replacement parts, it can be quite easy and quick to fix. Just be sure to get a good deal if it’s not ready for the lake.
  • Not being drained properly will ruin a pedal boat. Make sure that it has been stood on its end to drain after use and then stored properly. If you’re not sure, whiff the drain plug and see if the moisture inside has started to mold. If so, that’s a no-go.

A well-cared-for pedal boat can last for 10-15 years (or more) so don’t be afraid to buy used if new isn’t an option!

There are several places where you can buy a pedal boat if you one local and used:


While figuring out where to buy a pedal boat isn’t easy, it can definitely be done. New or used, online or in person, there’s a buying option and a pedal boat for everyone. So get looking and get pedaling!

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