Renting A Pedal Boat? 6 Things You Should Know Beforehand

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We get it – it’s summer, and you’d want to enjoy your weekends exploring nature’s finest locations. Rivers and ponds are your easiest go-to locations because they offer you an opportunity to experience a fun-filled day out on the waters. But since you don’t have a boat, renting a pedal boat might be exactly what you need!

So, what do you need to know before renting a pedal boat? Here are six essential things you should know before renting a pedal boat:

  • Know how boat rental works
  • Pedal boat renting requires advance planning
  • You need to arrive there early
  • Ensure the boat is in an excellent working condition
  • Overpacking may be bad
  • Know how to operate a pedal boat

Boat rental can be a complicated process, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. This article explores all the above tips to guard you with the correct information before renting a pedal boat. 

Note: A pedal boat is a human-powered watercraft designed to carry one, two, or more people. It typically has paddlewheels mounted under it to propel it through the water.

What You Need To Know About Pedal Boat Rentals

1. Understand How The Rental System Works

There are tons of boat brands and manufacturers making different styles and sizes of pedal boats.

But which style is best for you? That depends on where and how you’d want to use the boat.

A small pedal boat should be fine if you want to hit the water alone for recreational purposes. But if you want to try fishing with a few friends or family members, you’ll need a bigger and more sophisticated pedal boat.

While inquiring about boat rental services, remember to be clear about what you want. While some pedal boats may be versatile for different activities, others are designed specifically for certain activities.

2. Pedal Boat Rentals Requires Advance Planning

If you’re visiting a location where boating is seasonal, it’ll be wise to make a rental reservation in advance.

Boating seasons usually see more people coming to rent boats. Therefore, you may not find any available boats for rent if you plan to just walk in and secure a rental.

If you’re planning a weekend adventure in the water, it’ll be good to make plans beforehand. Call the boat rental company and make reservations beforehand if you need to. This way, you’ll be guaranteed a boat when you want it.

3. You Need to Arrive at the Boat Rental Early

It’s one thing to make early reservations for a boat, but it’s another thing to clear the checks and paperwork needed to use the boat.

Depending on the boat’s size and style, clearance may take some time. You don’t want to waste half the time you’d have used for fun on clearance. Therefore, it’s essential to arrive early and do everything necessary before it gets too late.

If you’re paying for a certain time frame, you want to ensure you’re out on the water throughout the time.

We recommend showing up at least one hour before your scheduled time. This way, you’ll have enough time to clear everything that needs clearing before getting into the water.

4. Ensure the Pedal Boat is In a Good Working Condition

Even though you’re only renting the boat and not buying it, you still want to check that everything works well before hitting the water. There’s nothing worse than being stranded just minutes into your adventure because of a technical fault.

We’ve said it before, arriving early allows you to check everything before going out on the water. Check to be sure everything is well placed and working correctly. Report any issues to the rental company for prompt repair. They can always change the boat if it’s a significant fault.

It’ll also make sense to check the boat’s outward appearance with a representative of the rental company available. This way, they can bear witness to any defect. Otherwise, the company may claim you caused the fault and charge you for damages.

5. Overpacking May be Bad For You

We understand the urge to overpack. After all, it’s your first boat-riding experience, and you want to pack everything you think you’ll need for the adventure.

While that’s a good thing, you must also ensure not to overpack. Pedal boats are typically small, with limited space for fishing essentials. So, you’d probably not be able to load everything you want. Even if you can, loading and unloading too many items on the same day can be difficult.

We recommend dropping anything that’s not necessary for your adventure. This way, you can save yourself some time and hassle. You also don’t want to constantly climb over stuff when you need to get into or out of your boat.

6. Know How to Operate a Pedal Boat

Pedal boats are generally safe and easy to operate, but it still needs skills. You’ll be riding your boat in the water, and you’ll occasionally encounter light storms and windy conditions. You want to be able to navigate these situations when they happen.

You also don’t want to take a pedal boat out if you’re not comfortable being in the waters. Unless you’re a skilled rider, you want to go out with someone that knows how to.

Don’t be shy to tell the rental company that you can’t ride. Many rental companies will be glad to give you quick training and instructions to help you navigate the waters. They can also provide skilled riders at an extra cost.


Renting a boat is a great way to enjoy an adventurous time on the water without the hassles of owning a watercraft. However, renting a boat is not as easy as it sounds. You still need to know so many things before renting a boat.

So far, we’ve provided tips and tricks that’ll help you have an enjoyable experience with your rented pedal boat. Remember to still do your research before choosing a boat. Only rent from a reputable renting company to avoid issues.

Once you’re sure about the company to rent from, make reservations, plan your say, and have a good time. Remember to always be safe and have fun!