Hi, I’m Seth. I do all of the typing here at pedalboating.com

I have several pedal boats, a super hot wife named Kirstie, two beautiful daughters, and a love for all things pedal boating.

In fact, over the past year, Kirstie and I have become freaks about everything related to pedal boats. We pedal them, we fish from them, we eat on them, we’ve named ours, we put one on top of our tiny car, and we’re even planning on putting a water slide on top of one!

We have several different blogs and tend to start a new one every time we go crazy about a new project. We do it to make sure we’re thorough in our own research and to save other people from having to repeat what we’ve done.

To that end, if you see mistakes here, blame Kirstie. She’s the website editor with an English degree. But in all seriousness, we do this mainly because we love it. If you’re in the same boat (haha) we’d love to connect!

If you’re here to learn, start here with our complete guide to pedal boats!

See you out on the water!