Pedal Boat Parts: How To Get Replacement Parts For Your Boat

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Whenever I look at used pedal boats for sale I find tons of boats that have been sitting in someone’s yard or garage for several years because they have a simple problem.

This should never happen!

Pedal boat parts are easy to come by and the boats themselves are easy to work on and repair. They’re not very complex after all.

But how do you go about getting pedal boat parts for your repair?

In general, the best way to get replacement parts for your pedal boat is to call the manufacturer. The easiest way to order is to have the Item Number of the item you need (found in the Owner’s Manual). If you don’t have the Item Number, have your boat model ready and the representative can help you figure out what you need.

Luckily I have access to lots of User Manuals (I’m a pedal boat freak, remember?) so I can help you out. I don’t have the Parts Lists for old pedal boats but, if you’ve purchased in the last 10 years or so, you’re in luck.

Getting Replacement Parts For Your Pedal Boat

When Pelican or Sun Dolphin produces a pedal boat, the parts for the boat are made in mass. Typically far in excess of the number of boats that they plan to make.

This typically means that they have parts on hand to sell long after they’ve stopped making the boat. Once you know the model of your boat (typically printed on the side) go ahead and find the part number you need in the user’s manual and give the company a call (or email if you prefer) to get the parts sent to you.

Pelican Pedal Boat Parts

Not only does Pelican makes awesome pedal boats (kayaks too for that matter…) but they have an awesome customer service team that does their best to keep your boat on the water.

If you registered your pedal boat with Pelican upon purchasing it you should be covered by the warranty and can get help replacing defective parts. But even if you didn’t you can still get what you need.

The easiest way to get parts for your Pelican Pedal boat is to email Pelican directly. They ask for a model number, a picture of your boat, and a description of the part(s) you need. Even if your part is discontinued they will offer you a list of compatible parts to get your boat water-worthy again.

You can also find replacement parts for your Pelican pedal boat on Amazon or PedalBoat if you prefer.

Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat Parts

Unfortunately, Sun Dolphin’s approach to getting replacement parts is slightly less approachable. They simply direct customers to their website to purchase parts (they are not parts available) or to email them (if you’re within the warranty period).

The problem is, that they are only 3 “replacement parts” available on their site, 2 pedal boat covers, and a replacement canopy.

The best way to get replacement parts for your Sun Dolphin Boat if you are outside the warranty period is to order from a site that specializes in pedal boat parts.

4 Other Places That Sell Pedal Boat Parts:

If Pelican or Sun Dolphin is unable to help you out in finding pedal boat parts then you’ll have to fend for yourself.

3rd party companies often have parts that will fit your boat long after the maker has closed down production. This is often because they bought the closeout inventory from the manufacturer or started to manufacture their own pieces.

Either way, they may be the only option for many people on the market who need pedal parts to get their boats working again. Here are a few of the stores I recommend:

What If My Pedal Boat Was Damaged During Shipping?

One of the most common reasons that people need to repair their pedal boat is that it arrived at their home damaged.

Honestly, most companies selling pedal boats ship them poorly. Either with minimal protection or just on a pallet. The likelihood of them arriving with dents, bumps, or even holes is incredibly high.

So what should you do?

First off, refuse shipment if possible. This will save you from having to pack up and ship the item back after fighting it out with the seller. If you refuse delivery due to damage it allows you to file a chargeback with your bank more easily (if it comes to that) and makes it easier for the seller to file a damage claim with the shipper.

Odds are, though, that you won’t notice the damage until later.

If that is the case, my opinion is that you should let the seller know and see if they can help you out. When they don’t (which seems to be common) just try to fix the problem yourself.

Just getting some replacement parts will be the fastest and easiest way to get things fixed so you can get on the water. Many people have actually sent a damaged boat back and, when they received a replacement, it was damaged as well.

So either get ready to refuse the shipment, repair a boat, or start shopping for a used pedal boat instead.

How To Get A Pedal Boat Repaired

Can you fix your pedal boat yourself?

I won’t give you an absolute “yes!” because I know that some people out there have 3 left hands when it comes to DIY. However, manual pedal boats are quite simple machines. There are diagrams and schematics available online and in your user’s manual.

If doing the repairs yourself isn’t quite up your alley, there are places where you can get your pedal boat repaired. Start at your local mom-and-pop kayak or outdoor shops and they’ll be able to advise you.


If your pedal boat is a recent model, finding replacement parts and doing some repair work should be fairly straightforward. So pick up some tools, get it done, and get back on the water!

broken pedal boat that needs replacement parts

Otherwise, you’ll end up with one of those boats that sits for years, doesn’t get used, and gets sold on Craigslist after it’s dirty and corroded.